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Barbecue black pepper chicken

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1 kgYummiez Chicken Breasts
50 mloil
2 tbsphoney
2 clovesgarlic
2red chillies
As requiredsalt
1 tbspsoya sauce
½ cupbutter
For Black Pepper Sauce
1 tbspoil
50 gmfreshly cracked black pepper
3 tbspsoya sauce
2 tbspoyster sauce
2 tbspwhite wine or saké (chinese rice wine)
100 mlchicken stock
Here’s an exciting recipe for Barbecue black pepper chicken Sauce.
  • Step 01

    Cut boneless chicken into 2 ” long and 1 ” thick strips. Pound or chop chillies and garlic together.
  • Step 02

    Make a marinade by adding oil, honey, pounded chillies and garlic, soya sauce and salt. Mix the chicken and let it marinate for 2 hrs.
  • Step 03

    For the black pepper sauce, heat a tbsp of oil in a pan. Add the freshly cracked pepper and the chicken stock. Reduce by half. Add the Soya sauce and Oyster sauce. Lastly add the saké or white wine and cook for a further 2 minutes.
  • Step 04

    Skewer the chicken and barbecue over coal or cook in a hot oven.
  • Step 05

    Remove the chicken from the skewers and when ready to serve toss the chicken pieces in the black pepper sauce. Serve hot.
Chef’s Tip

Always use freshly cracked/ground pepper as it has a nice aroma.

Always heat the peppercorns slightly, as this will release the flavor.

When making the sauce never fry the pepper for more than a few seconds as this will give a really bitter and burnt taste to the sauce.

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