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Chicken Ballotine and Sauce Champignon (Mushroom)

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4Yummiez Chicken Legs, (large) with skin
200 gmchicken meat (boneless)
2 tbspbrandy
30 gmpistachios, finely chopped
2-3 ltrchicken stock (for poaching)
As requiredsalt
A pinchwhite pepper powder
For the Sauce Champignon (mushroom)
15 gm (1 tbsp)flour
30 gm (2 tbsp)butter
300 ml (2 cups)strong chicken stock
100 gmmushrooms (button), sliced
60 mldry white wine
As requiredsalt
A pinchpepper
Here is an exciting recipe for Chicken Ballotine and Sauce Champignon (Mushroom).
  • Step 01

    Debone the chicken legs keeping the skin intact. Flatten them a little using the back of a knife.
  • Step 02

    Process the chicken meat, raw egg, brandy, pistachios, salt and pepper in a mixer. Process to a smooth consistency.
  • Step 03

    Shape the stuffing into an oblong shape.
  • Step 04

    Place it on the flattened chicken legs and re-shape the Ballotine by drawing the skin all around the stuffing. Tie securely with a string.
  • Step 05

    Roll this up in aluminium foil and secure the ends firmly.
  • Step 06

    Poach in gently simmering stock for about an hour and leave it to cool in the stock itself. Refrigerate overnight.
  • Step 07

    Cut open the foil, cut the roll into even slices for a neat presentation. Can be served cold or hot – cold with a suitable salad or hot with mushroom sauce
  • For the Sauce Champignon (mushroom)
  • Step 01

    In a pan melt the butter and add the flour. Cook till it develops a golden blond colour.
  • Step 02

    Whisk in the hot stock. Keep whisking till a smooth, glossy texture is obtained ensuring no lumps are formed. Season with salt and pepper. Keep warm.
  • Step 03

    Put mushroom in a pan and add the wine. Cook till mushrooms are softened. Purée a little of the mushrooms and add to the sauce.
  • Step 04

    Strain the sauce, add the remaining sliced mushrooms. Serve hot as an accompaniment to the ballotine of chicken.
  • We hope you enjoy this Chicken Ballotine and Sauce Champignon (Mushroom) recipe.

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