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Chicken Escalopes Stuffed with Peanuts & Spinach

Chicken Escalopes Stuffed with Peanuts & Spinach By Published: 4.5 45
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4Real Good Chicken Breasts
200 mlcoconut cream
2 bunchesspinach
100 gmpeanuts
50 gmmozzarella cheese
4jalapeño peppers
60 mlbacardi Rum
For Seasoning
As requiredsalt and pepper
A pinchnutmeg powder
3 tbspbutter
Here is a lip-smacking recipe for Chicken Escalopes Stuffed with Peanuts & Spinach.
  • Step 01

    Take a boneless whole chicken breast with a wing bone. Slit on side to create a pouch for stuffing. Repeat for the rest.
  • For the Stuffing
  • Step 01

    Blanch spinach and roughly chop it. Sauté the spinach in a little butter. Add peanuts, salt, pepper, nutmeg and mix.
  • Step 02

    Stuff each chicken breast with the stuffing. Cook these escalopes in a little butter on both sides in a pan.
  • For the Sauce
  • Step 01

    Heat butter in pan, add the jalapeño peppers (cut into small cubes), toss. Add rum and reduce.
  • Step 02

    Add coconut cream, salt and pepper. Finally add grated cheese. This will thicken it. Reduce the sauce till it is creamy.
  • Step 03

    Place the chicken escalope in the serving platter and pour the sauce towards the tips of every escalope. Garnish and serve.
  • We hope you enjoy this Chicken Escalopes Stuffed with Peanuts & Spinach recipe.

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