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  • 1 hours


1 kgReal Good chicken
½ cupghee or oil
3onions, sliced
Grind together
cinnamon sticks
4-5black peppercorns
6red chillies
1 tspcumin seeds
½ tspturmeric powder
3garlic flakes
Here is a mouth-watering recipe for Firtad.
  • Step 01

    Heat the ghee or oil in a vessel.
  • Step 02

    Fry onions on low heat till translucent.
  • Step 03

    Then add ground masala and fry on a low flame till masala separates from the oil. Fry chicken in the masala and lastly add enough water or stock to cook.
  • Step 04

    Transfer onto a serving dish. Serve hot.
  • Handy Tip
  • You can add boiled potatoes to this recipe.
  • We hope you enjoy this Firtad recipe.

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