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Grilled Lemon Chicken with Cinnamon Sticks

Grilled Lemon Chicken By Published: 5 50
  • 10
  • Main Course
  • Continental
  • 15 minutes


1 kgReal Good Boneless Breasts
As requiredcracked black pepper
2 clovesgarlic
A drizzleextra virgin olive oil
10 stickscinnamon
As requiredsalt
Few leaveslettuce
Here is a lip-smacking recipe for Grilled Lemon Chicken with Cinnamon Sticks.
  • Step 01

    Season the breasts. Cut the bark of cinnamon into satay (bamboo) type sticks.
  • Step 02

    Skewer each of the breasts onto the cinnamon sticks. Heat a pan. Drizzle some olive oil. Add two crushed cloves of garlic and then add the breasts.
  • Step 03

    Cook lightly as the breasts will cook in a jiffy. When cooked, add freshly squeezed lime juice and some grated zest (rind of lemon).
  • Step 04

    Serve hot with some root vegetables or on a bed of sautéed lettuce.
Chef’s Tip

Grill the chicken in a non-stick pan using very little olive oil. Always add the lime at the end as the dish may turn bitter. The cinnamon sticks add a unique flavour to the lemon chicken, though a normal wooden skewer can also be used.

We hope you enjoy this Grilled Lemon Chicken with Cinnamon Sticks recipe.

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