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Poulet Au Citron (Chicken with Lemon)

Poulet Au Citron (Chicken with Lemon) By Published: 4 40
  • 4
  • Main Course
  • French
  • 30 minutes


1 kgReal Good Chicken
1 tbspthyme
6 tbspfresh cream
30 gmbutter
As requiredsalt
Large pinchcayenne pepper
A pinchwhite pepper
Here is a lip-smacking recipe for Poulet Au Citron (Chicken with Lemon).
  • Step 01

    Divide the chicken into fairly small and even portions. Cut and squeeze the lemons. Mix together the juice of the lemons, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne. Marinate the chicken portions in this for at least 1 hour and drain. Reserve the marinade.
  • Step 02

    Wipe dry the portions and sauté them in butter till they are brown. Lower the heat and add in crushed thyme and cover. Cook gently for 20 minutes. Once cooked, remove the chicken portions with a slotted spoon and keep the portions hot.
  • Step 03

    Add cream in the remaining marinade and keep stirring well till the sauce thickens. Check for seasonings and pour the sauce to coat the chicken portions well. Serve hot.
  • We hope you enjoy this Poulet Au Citron (Chicken with Lemon) recipe.

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