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Warm Chicken Salad

Warm Chicken Salad By Published: 4.5 45
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  • 15 minutes


200 gmroasted Real Good chicken breast
50 gmtoasted croutons
Few leavesred spinach (amaranth)
Few leavestender green spinach
Few sproutsfenugreek (methi)
For the dressing
30 mlpan juices (obtained after roasting)
15-20 mlwine vinegar
8-10crushed pepper
A pinchsalt (if required)
3-4 flakesgarlic, crushed
Here is an exciting recipe for Warm Chicken Salad.
  • Step 01

    Cut chicken breast into large cubes and keep warm.
  • Step 02

    Cut tomatoes into quarters and discard the pulp.
  • Step 03

    Clean and trim the spinach. Remove stalks. Wash well.
  • Step 04

    Reheat the pan juices, add wine vinegar, pepper, salt and garlic.
  • Step 05

    Arrange chicken, tomatoes, croutons and spinach neatly on a plate. Pour dressing sparingly on top.
  • Step 06

    Sprinkle methi sprouts on top. Alternately toss all ingredients lightly with the dressing. Serve in a bowl.
Chef’s Tip:

Leftover roast chicken is ideal for this salad.

We hope you enjoy this Warm Chicken Salad recipe.

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