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Punjabi Tikka (Chicken)

Product description

The tasty succulent bite sized pieces of chicken that we now know as the ‘Tikka’, probably came into being at the insistence of the Mughal Emperor, Babar. He was supposedly so afraid of choking on chicken bones that he ordered his chefs in Punjab to remove the bones before the meat was cooked. The magic of this traditional Punjabi Chicken Tikka with all the authentic seasoning is now in a convenient, ready-to-cook format. Just cut open a pack, heat the tikkas in a microwave or on a tava and let the party begin!

Energy 127.2 kcal
Total fat 2.4 g
Total carbohydrates 3.3 g
Proteins 23.1 g
Sugar <0.5 g
Approx. value at the time of manufacture

Heat frying pan. Remove required quantity of the thawed Punjabi Chicken Tikka. Put 2 tbsp of oil on low flame till it becomes golden brown for approximate 3-4 minutes. Turn Punjabi Chicken Tikka pieces occasionally for uniform cooking.

Storage temperature Always store at -18°C
Transportation at -18°C
Pack weight 400g,1kg

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